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Pirates of the Caribbean:
Dead Men Tell No Tales
The Third Floor, 2014

Responsible for all models shown. I was the primary modeler on the project for 5.5 months. There was a second modeler to help me out the first and last couple weeks of the show.

Worked with the directors and art department team to develop Devil's Triangle and the ghost sharks.


Black Beach sunrise is done entirely in Maya without any composited effects.


Ghost Sharks




full previs animation of chicken chase sequence utilizing my 3D previs set. Tulou house base model courtesy of Aric Cheng

Hakka Village

Mulan Previs
Disney / Day for Nite 2017

Responsible for entire Hakka Village environment but divided the work on the tulou house within it

Responsible for all human and creature models + textures

Responsible for lighting and modeling exterior Garisson environments and all set dressing

Worked with the VFX supervisor and director to develop the sulfur lake

Worked on a team of 4 to create the massive ChangAn Imperial City accurate to drone footage. The images shown showcase sections I created


Sulfur Lake

ChangAn City

Previs animation of the film's final act. This city was so large it had to be broken up between 3 of us. I am responsible for many parts of the town, the main Imperial Palace structure, and its interiors
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
20th Century Fox/ Cinedev 2012

Responsible for all human and animal models + textures

Worked closely with the director and WETA team to develop visually striking concepts, characters, environments, and props

Lo-poly models were all created in maya to be exported into CryEngine for look development  and rendering purposes

Textures and normal maps sculpted in




Caesar's Treehouse


Anchor 1
Fate of the Furious

I don't have access to nearly any of the dozens of actors I have modeled in my previs career, but here is a small taste to show my ability to match Vin Diesel. 
Thunder Run
Graphic Film Company 2011

Modeled an M1A1 Abrams Army Tank to government spec

Modeled / UV'd / textured assorted props
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